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  Hydrolic Lifts
 Two Wheeler Lifts (Features)
1. Very friendly ergonomics offer ease of working with minimum body stress.

2. Three stage ajustable working height , with automatic and / or manual hydraulic power pack.

3. Manually lockable at any height for higher safety.

4. Sliding in - built ramp for rolling the vehicle on to the platform.
 Loading and Unloading (Model ME-LL-001/ME-LL-002 Features)
1. Highly economic design with X - linkage for space saving.
2. Portable, therefore can be parked at a corner.
3. Electromechanical power pack.
4. Very suitable for warehouses too.

 Three Wheeler Lifts (Model ME-THW-001 Features)
With high strength structure these lifts are steplessly adjustable in height. Holds the vehicles at the chassis offering maximum visibility and flexibility to the mechanic for servicing.
 Washing Lifts (Features)
1. Proper automobile service begins with proper washing. Water jets must reach every corner particularly under body, of the vehicle.

2. This washing lift makes the kob easier; with a 107cm (42 in.) Lift it makes convenient for the mechanic to wash with ease.
Model Model Name Top Size Top Finish Working Height Shut Height Load Carrying Capacity
Me Thw - 01 Three Wheeler Lift 1750 x 680 - 900 100 800Kg
Mell - 001 Loading/ unloadin Small 1800 x 1200 MS Checkered 1000 200 600Kg
Mell - 002 Loading/ unloadin Big 2100 x 3000 MS Mesh (Collapsible) 3600 300 1000Kg
ME TW - 001 Parallelogram Lift 1800 x 600 MS/SS 800 200 250
ME TW - 002 Scissor Lift 1800 x 600 MS/SS 1000 200 300
ME TW - 003 Rear Collapsible Lift 1800 x 600 MS/SS 1000 100 250
ME TW - 004 Foldable Lift 1800 x 600 MS 380 - 200
ME TW - 005 Washing Lift 2200 x 450 MS 725 200 300
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